Sunday, February 01, 2015

The Multitude Of Facets...

She is my role model right since childhood. Hers is the first touch I had in my life. Hers is the first voice I heard. She is the one who gave me my first feed. She is the one who taught me to walk, talk and laugh. She is my world, she is my poetry, she is my energy, she is my foremost connect with this world. She is my real power. She is above me, inside me, and in fact she is everywhere with me, in my thoughts, in my eyes, in my dreams.

I remember, there was a time when she had to choose between her career or marriage, as she had told me, and as was the demand by my father’s family. But she had tackled the situation quite intelligently. She not only convinced her to-be husband but her in-laws too that if she continues with her school job as a senior teacher, it will be a boon to the family. She emphasized the fact that her job would act as an extended source of income to the family, apart from offering her a certain sense of self-confidence and keeping intact, her self-respect.

In case of any kind of crisis, there will be a backup to hold the situation in going from good to bad, to worse. My mother’s opinion was held in high spirits at a moment of crisis when everyone in the family praised about her firm stand and how mindfully she had managed to convince everyone, in the past.

This was her first valuable lesson to me for taking the path of “AND” instead of “OR” and showing the world that we women are no less than men.


Another such moment came in her life again, a couple of months before my birth when everyone opined that she would be leaving her job but there was a unique dedication and perseverance that forced her school Principal not only to grant her leave for a longer duration, but also garner full support from the school management. Her school management was fully convinced that finding a replacement to her strong academic background would be quite difficult. In fact, she ensured that she would be assisting in work as long as possible during this period of leave. Once again she proved her mettle and the power of “AND” in her rather than opting for “OR”, which is usual under these and similar circumstances.

She is a dedicated teacher AND a doting mother, till date! :)

She is also an adept professional AND an ordained home-maker, till date. :)

She is also a perfect Blogger, in my opinion... :)

She has proved that she cannot be limited by a lone label. :)


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