Friday, July 10, 2015

Would You Balance Or Crash Your Diet?

Ever since we were kids, we have been taught the importance of adopting a balanced diet in our daily lifestyle.
Children have been made to understand how significant it is to have three square meals in a day, which are rich in a variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals so as to aid proper development of their bodies and to keep all types of deficiency diseases at bay. 

As alluring as junk food items are, and as yummy as they may seem to be, the taste of these fast-food items is what weighs heavy on the health of an individual. Junk food is said to be devoid of all nutritional content, while being high on the taste factor, just like sedatives which degrade the health of an individual. 

It is no wonder then that there are news bulletins being televised proclaiming how many kids fall prey to this evil monster of ill-health every other day and are thus affected by obesity, hypertension and all other such diseases which could be life-threatening in the long run. 

On the other hand, there are some fitness freaks too, who end up pursuing crash diets to attain a fitter and more desirable body shape. Although these sort of 'one step solutions' seem miraculously ideal, they end up having an even more adverse effect than the former on the individual's health! 

Well, of course excess of anything is bad, but the same goes for deprivation also! These crash diets aim for rapid results in a short span of time, which in affects the body, because it does not get enough time then, to adjust itself to the change in food habits! 

While crash diets end up relying only on a certain food group for a certain period of time.  As most of them are very monotone and severely restrict the calorie intake, crash diets can be a pain to sustain oneself. 

Moreover, you may also take up various risks if you decide to embrace a crash diet. The slowing down of your metabolism, loss of muscle, weakening of the bones, potentially leading to osteoporosis, deprivation of essential nutrients, weakening of your immune system, cardiac stress and heart palpitations are some of the many risks which come attached with the label of crash dieting!

Having said that, I rely on a natural product to keep a check on my weight. Honey has helped me over the years to see that I sustain my body shape at least, if I am unable to reduce my weight. 

Who better than Dabur to trust for providing me with the sweeter and healthier alternative of adopting a Honey Diet so that I don't end up eating all bland food, while my taste buds crave for something yummier! :) 

It is because of honey's inherent purity and goodness, that it is endowed with various vitamins and minerals, along with the requisite amounts of iron and calcium. I can say #HoneyDietIsHere and honey is a sweeter and healthier alternative for all of us. :)

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Quick Cricket, Thanks To UC Web!

Indians are true devotees when it comes to the sport of Cricket. With the Master Blaster, the God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar hailing from home soil, it comes as a no-brainer that Cricket is the game which is thought to be the national game of the country.

On the international front too, we have had sportsmen, no less than magicians, weaving their magic with their sportsmanship and the humble bat, helmet and pads. People love this magic, which has spread far and wide, across the seven seas.

In India, to be specific, it would be like picking the needle from the haystack if I were to tell you to spot an Indian who does not profess his love for the sport. Ironically, we Indians are too devoted to the game. For us, the entire world would be in one pan and the game of cricket in another, on the weighing scales, to be frank.

Who can forget the countless matches when India clashes with Pakistan on the field, and our sweet-sour relationship with our dear neighbouring country, surfaces during each World Cup tournament!

6-0 and मौका-मौका - even the advertising agencies know what allures Indians the most! We are like that, uniting as a nation for a simple sport, whilst being divided over petty issues of casteism and religion, otherwise.

Most of us, however, have to choose our profession over passion. More often than not, it is the exam stress for us students, and those board meetings for employees which lead us to a topic of debate - 'Exam OR Game', 'Job OR Match'!
More often than not, our fast-paced lifestyle makes it even more difficult for us, to buck up in the race of time and to grab hold of some relaxing pursuit. There is a need for speed, in all that we do, and all that we experience.

In the event of a golden opportunity to lay back and rest for a while, the demon of buffering surfaces even when we attempt to watch a live telecast of the game on our so-called smartphones.
Eventually, out of frustration, we decide to call it off and call it a day.

Recently, one of my friends introduced me to the lightning fast speed of the UC Browser, which has been marketed by UC Web, to enable the quintessential Indian to enjoy the game, sans any unwanted interruptions. I was really impressed by the effortless streaming of the proceedings of the game, on this particular browser.

Moreover, it is being endorsed by one of my all-time favorite cricketers, Yuvraj Singh. #YuviSurfsUC, they say. Well, if you have such an illustrious personality vouching for the reliability of a brand, it serves the purpose right. Just like Yuvi's sixers which land high across the boundaries, UC Web has also hit a sixer, by introducing the Indian audience to UC Cricket! :)