Sunday, April 26, 2015

#CrashthePepsiIPL: Pepsi Saved the Game Quite Intelligently


This ad “Pepsi Saved The Game” in the Crash the Pepsi IPL gallery is quite intelligently created. Whilst proclaiming  Pepsi as the hero of the game, it not only saves the game of cricket but also brings in the smiles and happiness back on the faces of young players aspiring to play cricket. In the advert, the guys plan to play cricket and thus have all gathered in the park. They have all the gaming equipment like bat, ball, pads etc. except the stumps.

Now, everyone of us knows that in the absence of stumps it will be impossible to play cricket, even if you are planning to play in a street or in a park. Even the kids playing cricket need to have stumps though they might not use all the accessories of the game. Logically, stumps are one of the basic requirements for playing cricket and cannot be counted as the accessories. The same happens in the ad too when all the guys are worried and finally plan to call it off as they would not be able to play cricket in the absence of stumps. All their plans to gather in the park and play cricket together go haywire.

Then come the moments of the climax, when one of them opens a bottle of Pepsi and takes a sip. The moment the first sip of Pepsi is gulped down, a bright and brilliant idea pops into the mind of the girl. The next moment you see stumps put up there, in place. Each stump towers up with the help of three Pepsi bottles. The stumps look more than professional and natural, well in place and the game starts well.

On second thoughts, there is a deeper message associated with the video. We do encounter moments in life when all of a sudden, a plan goes haywire due to some shortcoming or the other. That is the moment to contain yourself and rely on determination. That is the only moment when you can either carry on with a fight to chalk out a solution or to be depressed and turn towards a dead-end of the road. That is the moment when a sip of Pepsi can do miracles in your life by bringing in a light at the end of the tunnel, at the right time. That is the moment which gives you a brighter idea to get to the solution and escape the turmoil.

For that sake, this ad conveys a lot to all of us. It gives us a lesson of life.


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