Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Autobiography Of A Dress... --- A Creative Writing Attempt!

Hey friends! 
Do you know me? 
Yes, you surely do.
But do you know about me?
I don't think so...

It's me lying on the floor as a piece of cloth - a rag today.
Yes, I am a cloth today but few days back I was a beautiful garment.

I started my life as a small plant. Surprised?  Yes, I was a little seed that grew into a tall shrub - in the care of my master - The Farmer.

My friends and I  lived in the black cotton soils of the Deccan Plateau. My master loved us all and pampered us as though we were his children.

When the time came, I bore many small closed cups with white woolly substance inside. My master became extra careful about me. He would come near me, touch me, look at me with love and happiness, which showed on his face.
I loved him too until one fine morning, he came with his family and detached me from the plant. I lay as a white woolly thing separated from the cups.

His family took out black seeds from me and cleaned me. This process, called winnowing was extremely painful. As if this were not enough, the farmer sold me to a cotton merchant after winnowing. I was scared to leave my home but there were none who cared about my feelings.

Our new master took me to a mill where there were various machines for various purposes.
First and foremost, I was put on a spindle and changed into yarn.
Next, the man sitting on the loom wove me into a cloth.
By now, I looked entirely different and for the first time, I liked my looks. 
I now waited eagerly to see what else was in store for me...

Next came the coloring and dyeing. I was dyed a beautiful Royal Blue.
Another man printed  flowers on me to add to my beauty.
This was the second time I felt happy to see myself. I looked bright and charming.

From this coloring and printing department, they sent me into a shop where various other cloth rolls were kept.
A city dealer had bought me and I had yet another master!
But I could not stay with the dealer and in his shop for long...

A pretty looking girl came to the shop with her mother and bought me for quite a handsome amount.
For the first time, I realized my value had changed so much.

The girl gave me to a tailoring shop which was a very frightening place. I was scared of big scissors and pointed needles. Oh! how I wished my old master and his tender care! How I wished to go back to him but in vain...

The tailor cut and sewed me into a beautiful dress with frills and laces. The girl wore me on her birthday.
The party was nice and everybody appreciated the dress.
That was me and I was happy...

As the days went by, time passed and the girl grew older.
I was of no use to her and so her mother gave me to the house - maid. For a few days, the maid's daughter wore me.
She played in the mud and I kept on getting dirty. One day while playing, she tore me...

The maid used me as a duster then. And when I could be used no longer, she threw me into a heap of garbage.

Thus, I complete my story. I have been through various moments of pain, separation, joy and hurt. Now, I lie peacefully in the rubbish. I will rest here for how long, I do not know, wondering what will happen next.

Goodbye For Now. 
I hope you will recall my story when you wear a new dress!

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