Thursday, May 14, 2015

MyAirtel, My Best Friend!

MyAirtel is a magical app for your smartphone, for not only taking care of your various accounts with Airtel – be it DTH, prepaid, postpaid, landline, broadband and IPTV, but for also letting you perform a number of other activities in a very impressive and innovative way. The MyAirtel app from Airtel is in fact a bundle of smart features that work in such a wonderful way that the moment you download it and start using it, you are bound to become its fan. If I have to select three key features that best fit my lifestyle, I would go for the following three:
1.  'I Want To'. I have become fond of this feature that acts like a genie. It is something which makes my wish come true. The versatility and flexibility that this feature provides is marvelous. I can recharge my prepaid connection's talk-time balance. I can also choose any of the options among these – buy, pay, order, recharge, view, and record. So the moment I have to pay my bill, it is just a click away. I just have to go to MyAirtel App and do it. 

Similarly if I want to view my transaction history, that is again as easy as using any of the innovative features of this app. In fact “I Want To” is a tailored feature and you can create shortcuts of your most frequently used features under it. So it is a sort of a personalized screen where you create a shortcut to your most frequented, or required features. Some might have two and others might have five features under their respective screens of the 'I Want To' feature. 

2.  Along with the 'Downloaded Services' of features bundled with the  MyAirtel app, you can add more features or services, separately provided by Airtel. The best thing is that in this way, you bring all your required Airtel services on one screen, to be used via a single app. 

So, if you want to add Airtel Live in your MyAirtel App, it is quite easy to do so. The same goes for other services from Airtel that are not bundled in this app. You can add One Touch Internet from Airtel here if you require to use it regularly. It is not that you cannot remove any unwanted Airtel Service at a later stage once you have added it. Removing a service is as simple and quick as adding a service. 

3.  The user interface and usability is designed in such an innovative manner that it gives you a touch of perfection and complete satisfaction. In any application design, especially for mobile apps, the quality of the user interface is as important as the stability in code. 

If the code is managing the show from behind the screen, it is the user interface that, if designed well, keeps end-users hooked to the app. That is what is quite a strong feature in MyAirtel app. 

I like my new best friend, MyAirtel very much. 
Would you like to befriend it too? :)

Thursday, May 07, 2015

#EkNayiLeague And Kapil Dev

When the masters of the trade decide to create something, it is obviously going to be a masterpiece. Who can forget the well-crafted batting by Kapil Dev in the semifinals of World Cup 1983? His full name is Kapil Dev Ramlal Nikhanj. Born on 6th January 1959 in Chandigarh, this Arjun award winner cricket legend from India is a great asset to the country. He demonstrated how a strong willpower can turn the tables around and win over any kind of situation.

Kapil Dev held the record of taking the most wickets for a long time in both the formats – tests and one-day internationals. He holds a unique record of scoring more than five thousand runs and taking more than four hundred wickets. That is an unbeaten all-rounder record held so far.

Kapil Dev is one of the greatest fast bowler India ever had and a superb all-rounder. He was the captain when India clinched its first Cricket World Cup in 1983. He has been the coach of the Indian cricket team for the tenure, October 1999 – August 2000. The right-arm pacer is about to launch a new league, #EkNayiLeague and the guesses are doing the rounds as to what it could be.

On Twitter, soon after joining in the last week of April, Kapil Dev started hinting about the new league through his tweets. The hints were that Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Vierndra Sehwag, all cricketers and Kapil Sharma, the ace comedian would be the part of the league.

The launch of the league is scheduled today in Mumbai and the sides being taken, are about a reality quiz show, a virtual betting show, a trading show or a virtual cricket game show. Well, it could be a show, or it could also be part of an online portal.

Whatever it is going to be, which will be known in few hours, it is going to be quite interesting and fun-filled. There would be enough of seam bowling, out-swingers, in-swingers, pacers, and yorkers from Kapil Dev’s side. On the batting front, Kapil Dev has been very effective hooker, puller and could also drive strongly to make the ball cross the boundary either for a four or a six.

So let us wait and watch what bounces to us from within the Pandora box of this Haryana Hurricane for us.

After retiring in 1994 from Indian Cricket, Kapil Dev started his venture in hotels. He also is an expert commentator during international matches. Kapil Dev’s love for golf is a well-known phenomenon.

He is respected as a good player in golf too, though that is his personal passion, not something where he would like to compete with others in related championships. But one thing is for sure. The new league that Kapil Dev is about to start is going to be power packed melodrama.