Monday, April 27, 2015

#CelebrateLife In Your Own Way, Living By Your Own Terms...

There have been episodes when a moment becomes bigger than an occasion and there have been episodes when an occasion has no need of anything other than what it is in itself. An occasion is actually nothing but an accessory for beautifying our lives. Good occasions in life make it more beautiful and enchanting. Our happiness scores higher with the good moments that we witness in life. That is the secret of accumulating those precious, timeless moments spread all over the timeline, over our lifetime, so as to #CelebrateLife.

Everyone has their own unique ways of celebrating some of the special moments in life. Some prefer to spend time partying whereas some like to be at ease with themselves. Some spend a lot of time in solemnity whereas others prefer to live it out like a free spirit. If I try to pinpoint my trait among a plethora of so many possibilities, I always find myself facing the fork in the road. Actually, I am a moody person. So, it is always my heart that tells me in advance whether I feel like being a part of an upcoming occasion or not. I prefer to celebrate the smallest of the moments of my life and pronouncing their grandness in their own way rather than waiting for the grand moments to celebrate.

Life, in a way, deserves to always be celebrated. Respecting every moment of life and giving it a requisite amount of honor itself says a lot. If you are not happy, you can never expect others around you to be happy. Happiness is as contagious as sadness. If you are sad, others around you will seem sad as well, and if you are happy, you are able to spread happiness around without making any efforts. That happens on its own.

Another way to find happiness is to strike a deal with yourself that you will never let anybody around you feel sad, at any cost. If that is the mission, then your goal becomes bigger than your own instances or moments. That mission compels you to make the most of every moment around you, to be as lively and graceful as possible so that you don’t see even an iota of sadness on any face around you.

I have always been able to enjoy every moment I have spent whether with my family at home, or with my friends at school or college. That, I believe is the secret of my motivation to #CelebrateLife.


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Sunday, April 26, 2015

#CrashthePepsiIPL: Pepsi Saved the Game Quite Intelligently


This ad “Pepsi Saved The Game” in the Crash the Pepsi IPL gallery is quite intelligently created. Whilst proclaiming  Pepsi as the hero of the game, it not only saves the game of cricket but also brings in the smiles and happiness back on the faces of young players aspiring to play cricket. In the advert, the guys plan to play cricket and thus have all gathered in the park. They have all the gaming equipment like bat, ball, pads etc. except the stumps.

Now, everyone of us knows that in the absence of stumps it will be impossible to play cricket, even if you are planning to play in a street or in a park. Even the kids playing cricket need to have stumps though they might not use all the accessories of the game. Logically, stumps are one of the basic requirements for playing cricket and cannot be counted as the accessories. The same happens in the ad too when all the guys are worried and finally plan to call it off as they would not be able to play cricket in the absence of stumps. All their plans to gather in the park and play cricket together go haywire.

Then come the moments of the climax, when one of them opens a bottle of Pepsi and takes a sip. The moment the first sip of Pepsi is gulped down, a bright and brilliant idea pops into the mind of the girl. The next moment you see stumps put up there, in place. Each stump towers up with the help of three Pepsi bottles. The stumps look more than professional and natural, well in place and the game starts well.

On second thoughts, there is a deeper message associated with the video. We do encounter moments in life when all of a sudden, a plan goes haywire due to some shortcoming or the other. That is the moment to contain yourself and rely on determination. That is the only moment when you can either carry on with a fight to chalk out a solution or to be depressed and turn towards a dead-end of the road. That is the moment when a sip of Pepsi can do miracles in your life by bringing in a light at the end of the tunnel, at the right time. That is the moment which gives you a brighter idea to get to the solution and escape the turmoil.

For that sake, this ad conveys a lot to all of us. It gives us a lesson of life.


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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Of Beauty And Elegance, With Kose And IndiBlogger!

Last week, I had the good fortune of attended the recently concluded #KoseMeet at Hyatt Regency organized by Kose, a pioneer in cosmetics, of Japanese origin and home to Indian Bloggers, IndiBlogger. The IndiBlogger Team extended a warm invite to all lady bloggers in Delhi and almost till the D-day it was appearing to be an all-women meet.

It was just a couple of days before the event when few male bloggers' profile were being shown in the invitee list at IndiBlogger. The event started at 1730 hours in the evening and concluded at around 2130 on 10th of this month. There was a huge gathering of bloggers joined by a small group of retailers. After all it was an important event for all those who were even remotely to cosmetics, beauty and makeup, fashion or lifestyle in one way or the other.

With a plan of investment of over 40 crore for the Indian market, most of which would be spent in marketing and branding activities, Kose has launched their Spawake range of products in a big way. There is a tie-up with an Indian cosmetic company to manufacture the product in India so that the price competition is taken care of well.

The event started with registration and tea and soon after the ball was in IndiBlogger's court to initiate the introductory sessions. First, we were acquainted with newbies and first-timers followed by an exercise for each blogger to meet as many fellow bloggers and get acquainted, while procuring one personal possession of theirs. It was a fun and interactive session.

Kose Corporation India has set foot in India, with their first product range Spawake. It was formally announced by Takashi Nomura, the Director and CEO, India.

Bollywood diva Aditi Rao Hydari has been chosen as the brand ambassador for launch of Spawake in India. The moment she came on stage, it was quite exciting and then the product range was unveiled and the print adverts launched formally. Aditi shared her experience for the time while she was busy with their advertising team and how she had become a die-hard fan of Spawake products.

A Spawake face cream as a sample was provided for, at each bloggers' table for us to feel and admire its texture. It was quite marvelous. After the product launch, there were a series of group photographs being clicked with Aditi following a breathtaking dance performance.

The event was drawn to a close with the buffet spread being declared open. An exquisite Spawake hamper boasting of a choicest collection of their creations was waiting for us, to be handed over before we left the venue after witnessing this exclusive product launch.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

ASUS, I Just #CantWait4Zenfone2!

A smartphone is the one that is always with you except the time when you're sleeping. It matters a lot. The look and feel, the performance, and the experience your smartphone provides, impacts your mood, happiness, and behavior.

If your smartphone is really smart, it will keep you in a good mood always. You smartphone must be capable enough to ensure that it gives you a personalized touch. Recently I got to know about the launch of ASUS Zenfone 2.

I explored the features of Zenfone 2 for I was curious, as I know that the ZenFone, the first family member of the Zenfone Series that was launched in the latter half of the previous year had brought a great revolution in India. The demand of this smartphone has always exceeded its supply thereby compelling me to believe in its beauty and strength.

A similar feat is going to be achieved after the launch of Zenfone 2, I am sure. It is going to supersede all its peer brands. The top five reasons as to why I believe that this device will redefine my smartphone experience out of a treasure of features which it possesses, would be as below:

1.       Though there is a sea of smartphones in the market that are dual-SIM but the beauty of the dual-SIM feature in ASUS ZenFone 2 is marked by a seamless switch-over from one SIM to another thereby ensuring that whether it is the first SIM or second, you will never miss any incoming call on either of the SIMs.

2.       A technically superior power adapter coming with the 4GB ZenFone2 model of the ZenFone 2 Series from ASUS has a BoostMaster that enables in charging its battery in apparently less than half the time taken by the traditional chargers.

3.       Today's world is UI (User Interface) oriented. There have been examples of a failure of the technically strong devices which possessed weak UI, thus leading to their rejection by the consumers. The UI experience in ASUS Zenfone2 has been created with the aid of a deep research and market surveys which promise to give an extremely rich experience. This unique ZenUI experience is going to take you to another world for sure.

4.       There are many smartphones in the market boasting of a thirteen megapixel primary camera. It is a lot more than that in ASUS Zenfone2 that gives it an extra edge over all others. With zero shutter lag and a f/2.0 aperture lens, it is unbeatable in terms of giving you delightful pictures even in the worse-lit ambiances. The Zenfone 2's PixelMaster is a real marvel.

5.       The sleek and elegant design of ASUS ZenFone 2 keeps it a class apart. It endows you with an elegance, confidence, and grace while you are carrying it with you. Its Ergonomic Arc Design is definitely very superior and lends it an impressive luxurious look.