Friday, June 03, 2016

Driving Diaries With Datsun!

Driving a car on urban roads, especially on Indian roads requires extraordinary skills - skills beyond what are known as driving skills. There are people found in vehicles on roads that intend to turn right while occupying the left-most lane. They dare to turn when the traffic signal turns green without bothering the extremity of the lane they are in, and that their indicator is next to non-existent. Definitely, whilst observing others practicing this kind of jugglery on roads while driving a car, you need to tune yourself to either become a perfect anti-juggler or a better juggler.

I am sure the new, unique, and innovative Datsun redi-GO is there to help you in beating your urban driving blues. I've seen that some of the features are fantastic and have emerged as a boon after extensive R&D at Datsun's end. Some of the features, though present in other cars, make for a unique combination with the majority features in Datsun's latest offering to make redi-GO one of the most sought-after cars in the market.

If I get a chance to explore a new Datsun redi-GO on urban roads, I would prefer to drive it in Kanpur where the roads are equipped to provide you with all kinds of permutations and combinations that will help you to understand the power, strength, technical innovations, and quality of the vehicle. And of course, I would like to drive from Delhi to Kanpur first, before starting my urban trial at Kanpur itself.

It will be difficult to choose the best three features of Datsun redi-GO that make me want to take this beautiful car out for a spin because there is a lot more in the car than just those three features. But still if it is to be, then those three features will be as below. 

Best-In-Class Ground Clearance: The urban road scenario is not very good especially during and after monsoon, which remains in a desolate state, even moths after that. On top of it, the material used to make the roads in India doesn't last long as the larger chunk of the budget goes into contributing to the bank balance of concerned corrupt people involved in the task rather than constructing perfect roads. This feature will help you overcome such broken roads. It deals with low obstacles that are encountered on the road. The ground clearance is 185 mm. The approach angle is 26.8 degrees and the departure angle is 58.6 degrees to handle any kind of situation with perfection. With such ground clearance, you can handle various kinds of speed-breakers on urban roads. 

Head Lamps: Datsun redi-GO provides head lamps with an iconic design, which is differentiated from the ones that all other cars have, in the market. These are dramatically elongated projector head lamps that stretch virtually from the grille to the fender evenly. The perfectly designed head lamps throw light that spreads faster and wider thus enhances safety and confidence of the one behind the wheel. 

Drive Computer: Instantaneous and average mileage (time and fuel), fuel remaining, distance to empty, gear status, speed, and a lot more is there on the display screen right in front of your eyes thus helping you to take better decisions on the road. It also displays Shift Indicator that helps knowing the ideal time to shift for getting maximum performance and efficiency accordingly. 

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback. That's the Urban Cross for us, and it is my dream vehicle without a doubt. :) 


P.S.: All images attributed to Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO. 

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