Thursday, July 12, 2018

Nutrition From Chile To India!

A country of Latin American origin spanning three continents - South America, Oceania, and Antarctica - phytosanitary island, protected by natural barriers - the Pacific Ocean, the Andes Mountains and the Atacama desert - and a global leader in exports - CHILE has come to India with the proposition to enhance exports of kiwifruit native to Chile to various marketplaces in the India.

Chile has a distinction of being the longest country in the world and also the southern hemisphere's largest exporter of fresh fruits because as many as hundred countries receive thirty different species of Chilean fruit grown across a variety of climates and regions.

Apples, berries, citrus fruits, peaches, plums, and grapes are cultivated across the varied demographic of Chile all year round. During the last season Chile exported close to thirty thousand tonnes of fresh fruit to India, thus positioning it among the Top 5 countries in Asia for Chilean exports.

India's growing love for fruits like Kiwi stems from the fact that we've developed a liking towards tropical produce that enables us to savor the best from the global platter whilst keeping our health in check.

To facilitate the presence of Chilean Kiwi in India, the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association has joined hands with the Chilean Fruit Growers Federation (FEDEFRUTA) further cemented by the the financing by Ministry of Agriculture of Chile and support from the commercial trade wing - ProChile.

Apart from dignitaries representing the above alliance, also present at the occasion were Padma Shri Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and nutritionist Kavita Devgan who were quick to point out that fruit can be equated to snack, and a healthy one at that.

Kavita also added that kiwifruit is a berry good fruit for us, as it is a powerhouse of essential vitamins, anti-oxidants, and folate, added to the fact that as a fruit, kiwi is alkaline in nature, thus balancing our intestinal pH.

Additionally, Chef Sanjeev also took to whipping up a refreshing concoction of kiwi, mango and honey - a kiwi fruit smoothie - to exhibit the culinary versatility of the fruit.

On the whole, the Chile-India association is a pleasant one and shall be a well-received one too.

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