Tuesday, October 21, 2014

3X Olympic Golds, Courtesy 3X Immunity...

Aastha had just returned from the 2012 Olympics with Three Gold Medals for India in various formats of the Women’s Swimming Event.  Aastha is as close to me as my family, for as many years as I remember. She is a couple of months younger to me.  Pa and Ma had often narrated to me, their first interaction with Aastha.

All of it begun at the time of her birth. Aastha’s parents had shifted from Mumbai to Delhi, when her mother was 7 months pregnant. Her father had been promoted to the post of a Branch Manager for the bank he was employed at and hence the transfer, as per the norms of the Bank. Her mother was working with an MNC as a cyber-crime specialist, at that time, but she had resigned from her job a few months back.

God had some unique plans for Aastha, scripted well before her birth. Aastha’s mother was admitted in an emergency, to my Pa’s Super Specialty Child Care Nursing Home. A month before her estimated birth date, a premature Aastha was welcomed among us all.

Pa is a Child Specialist and was operating his state-of-the-art Nursing Home in the heart of the city. Ma, a gynecologist, was heading the Child and Women Department of our Nursing Home and had a team of expert doctors to handle any kind of emergencies.

Somehow, when Aastha’s mother was admitted, early that morning, Ma decided to supervise over her, citing the compications of the case.  Aastha weighed 1.7 Kgs at the time of her birth and hence had to be sent to the Nursery immediately.

Somehow, by the grace of God and with proper medical attention from Ma and her Team, Aastha survived. Aastha’s parents were so overwhelmed by Mom’s expertise and care that they decided Ma would be Mom to Aastha as well. Now, Aastha would have motherly attention from two ladies, who cared for her, to the core.
So, as Aastha and I grew together, we had two families, to look after us!  

When Aastha was 1.5 years old, she begun taking baby steps. Pa noticed a certain weakness in her limbs and advised Aastha’s father  to give her some nutritional herbs to help her recover from that weakness. Till that time Aastha had had very less movement and had not even started uttering her first words. The advised herbs and other nutritional supplements suggested by Pa for Aastha were abundantly present in Dabur Chyavanprash.

Pa suggested a small dosage, initially, for her.  With the regular intake of Chyavanprash  Aastha’s movement started improving, and she progressed to become an active child. Within six months she uttered her first words  – Ma.

Aastha’s taste buds had become so accustomed to Dabur Chyavanprash that till date Aastha is fond of it and never skips the daily routine of taking it twice, during a day. Gradually,  Aastha’s health started improving so fast, with requisite effort, of course, that at age 8, she bagged the First Prize in a swimming competition held at school. It was her first First Prize. :)

Improvement in her immunity, over time, aided Aastha to excel both in studies and sports at the same time. By the time she reached her fifth standard, she was far ahead of her peers, as an athelete, and even topped in her final exams.

And then there was no looking back. Soon, she became the State Champion in Swimming in the Junior Category! Alongside, there was no compromise with excelling in studies as well.

And, the rest, as they say, is history! :)


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