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Healthy & Jolly, Courtesy Canola...

4 December 2014

Shangri-La's Eros Hotel
New Delhi

1500 Hrs.

This sunny afternoon of December 4 was to see me, being invited over by Canola Council Of Canada to attend an insightful session on Canada's 'Canola' and its varied benefits, courtesy Blogadda.

The session was to be presided over by Mr. Bruce Jowett, Vice President of Market Development, Canola Council of Canada, Ms. Ritika Samaddar, Dietician and Nutritionist, and Chef Surjan Singh 'Jolly' of Junior MasterChef.

Ms. Samaddar, Mr. Jowett and Chef Jolly, presiding over 'Canola Talk'!

Mr. Jowett took lead by starting with some key facts about Canola. Listing some of them for a quick reference :-

  • The origins of Canola lie in the rapeseed plant.
  • It is the No. 1 crop of Canada, cultivated over 8 million hectare of land.
  • Canada grows 40% of the World's Canola.
  • 90% of it is exported to USA, China, Mexico & Japan.
  • Canola stands No. 2 in USA and Mexico, while it is No. 3 in China, being a new market, which is also the second largest consumer of Canola. Japan clinched the top spot as the No. 1 consumer.
  • Also, Canola is named so, because Can - comes from Canada, Ola - a stylish way of referring to Oil...

Next to follow was Ms. Samaddar, enlightening us about why we were discussing Canola that evening. According to medical facts and figures, India is infamously, the 'Diabetic Capital' of the world. Also, we stare at chronic heart disease in the face.

She discussed with us, the Fat content of Canola, informing us that the ideal ratio of PUFA (Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acid) to MUFA (Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acid) must be 1:1, and that of Omega - 6 to Omega - 3 must be 2:1.

Ms. Samaddar also told us how Canola boasted of 61% MUFA content, while Olive Oil, which has suited itself to the Indian palette has 72%.

Rounding up her talk, she informed us how this MUFA content aided Canola to help Diabetics control their HbA1C i.e. the average blood sugar concentration, magically.

Chef Surjan Singh 'Jolly' took forward the discussion, by telling us that Canola Oil had a low density, low viscosity and high smoke point, which meant that its smell won't linger on.

He informed us how Canola had a certain smoothness and the power to merge with Indian flavors. He also told us how Canola could be employed for sauteing, deep - frying, baking, or even as a dressing.


We quickly moved on to Chef Jolly's 'Canola Master Class', as I like to call it. He had two quick and healthy recipes rolled up his sleeve.

One, Smoked Eggplant Mash, Toasted Croute.

Two, Pan Fried Chick - Pea Patty.

Here are some snaps from the Master Class for you, to witness.


Chef Jolly, with his culinary tips and tricks...

The Pan-Fried Chickpea Patties...

The Eggplant Mash with Toasted Croute...


All in all, it was a very informative afternoon...

Looking forward to more such Canola Master Classes in the future as well... :)

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