Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tid Bits From Smoothie Factory...

It is said that the balanced combination of ingredients do better to your health and provide better nutrition than a single ingredient or a mismatched combination of ingredients. For instance, a single fruit, howsoever nutritious and tasty it be, is not at all better in terms of  health benefits if you ignore other fruits provided by the mother nature, when served in a well-balanced combination.

That is where the world’s premium health and wellness café – Smoothie Factory – does it for you. And that is what their philosophy says, to serve you by combining beneficial fruits in different well-tested permutations in their 31 various smoothies that they serve worldwide in more than 13 countries and are well admired by health conscious people of any age.

The experimentation started with 102 smoothie combinations and afterwards decided to carry on 31 variants of such smoothies. This health and wellness café is Smoothie Factory, a US based premium any time food place, by none other than the US Olympian James Villasana.

In 2014, Smoothie Factory planned to expand their operations in India by opening three premium outlets at and near the capital city with their locations as below:

1. Ground Floor, Epicuria Mall, Nehru Place Metro Station, Nehru
Place, N.D - 110019

2. Fitness First Platinum, South Point Mall, Gurgaon, Haryana

3. Ground Floor, Central Cottage Industries Emporium, Janpath, New Delhi 110001

But that is not all. Soon you will find it as popular as in other countries with more locations coming up pan India.

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The ambiance of the outlet and some pics from my meal, for you to see...

The Face Of The Menu...

The Citrus Walnut Fresh Salad with Roasted Chicken Chunks...

Here's the salad plate alongside my Very Berry Smoothie...
The dollops of insightful info on the quality of the ingredients used at Smoothie Factory.
Also, their history.

My White Chocolate Mocha Coffee...

And the Cookies that came alongside.

My Favorite Item From The Menu.
Multigrain WAFFLES.
Choco chip and Banana Walnut.
Maple Syrup and Caramel Syrup.
A Must Try!

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