Monday, April 27, 2015

#CelebrateLife In Your Own Way, Living By Your Own Terms...

There have been episodes when a moment becomes bigger than an occasion and there have been episodes when an occasion has no need of anything other than what it is in itself. An occasion is actually nothing but an accessory for beautifying our lives. Good occasions in life make it more beautiful and enchanting. Our happiness scores higher with the good moments that we witness in life. That is the secret of accumulating those precious, timeless moments spread all over the timeline, over our lifetime, so as to #CelebrateLife.

Everyone has their own unique ways of celebrating some of the special moments in life. Some prefer to spend time partying whereas some like to be at ease with themselves. Some spend a lot of time in solemnity whereas others prefer to live it out like a free spirit. If I try to pinpoint my trait among a plethora of so many possibilities, I always find myself facing the fork in the road. Actually, I am a moody person. So, it is always my heart that tells me in advance whether I feel like being a part of an upcoming occasion or not. I prefer to celebrate the smallest of the moments of my life and pronouncing their grandness in their own way rather than waiting for the grand moments to celebrate.

Life, in a way, deserves to always be celebrated. Respecting every moment of life and giving it a requisite amount of honor itself says a lot. If you are not happy, you can never expect others around you to be happy. Happiness is as contagious as sadness. If you are sad, others around you will seem sad as well, and if you are happy, you are able to spread happiness around without making any efforts. That happens on its own.

Another way to find happiness is to strike a deal with yourself that you will never let anybody around you feel sad, at any cost. If that is the mission, then your goal becomes bigger than your own instances or moments. That mission compels you to make the most of every moment around you, to be as lively and graceful as possible so that you don’t see even an iota of sadness on any face around you.

I have always been able to enjoy every moment I have spent whether with my family at home, or with my friends at school or college. That, I believe is the secret of my motivation to #CelebrateLife.


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