Thursday, August 20, 2015

#Airtel4G Is The Hero!

That is called the innovative result - the #Airtel4G Network from Airtel India, which had challenged us. Thanks to the fact that I belong to the new generation where we are unstoppable in terms of browsing and expecting tremendous results from whatever we do over the internet.

I belong to the generation that is dynamic, multi-tasking and most of the time on the move. But then I want each minute of the day to be utilized to the maximum extent in terms of my knowledge, enjoyment and actions.

I prefer to drive fast, but ensure I don’t drive rash. I prefer to browse most of the time during the day, but I ensure that I don’t let it go waste. I download a lot on the internet, on the move, through my mobile, as I love music, movies and of course audio books.

I was facing this crunch of speed so far because all my planned downloads never used to happen as per my stipulated time frame. I remember when I had selected five audio books to be downloaded on my mobile from a particular site, while I was commuting to my college, and I could hardly download two. I used to fail in downloading movies or a complete music album in one go, earlier.

Now I have #Airtel4G. What I was not able to achieve during one day, is now accomplished in a matter of hours. That is the beauty of 4G. In fact my friends now envy me for the results I am able to derive from my 4G network.

The speed at which the downloads happen, the speed at which  the maps work so accurately, the speed at which I am able to sync my heavy project files and coding files with the space I have on cloud, is fabulous. No doubt, my need for speed has increased, and so has my data consumption. But then, as long as it fulfills my requirements and makes me happy, it is worth investing in. Moreover it is the results that matter more than anything.

4G works with the speed of a bullet. It takes almost half the time to download a file that it used to consume on 3G. Now there are no download failures. Delays have gone out of my dictionary. My file uploads are happening now in real time without any consideration of where I am and what I am doing. I am able to perform live video streaming download and upload and that too with a fabulous speed.

I think if you don’t have 4G network, you are losing out on the real enjoyment of browsing, streaming, downloading and uploading. Forget everything and just go for it. #Airtel4G is a hero in disguise and every person in this perpetually connected world deserves to experience it, at least once. 

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