Wednesday, October 21, 2015

We Are At Loss...

As a student, I witness frightful instances around that make me wonder how life has changed everyone around. I am able to feel the existence of a huge crack around, the moment I step out from home to go to college every day. I commute by Metro and see that nobody around my age is sensitive and caring towards elders, ladies and kids.

The moment I reach the metro station to board a metro to college, I see a lot of youth around.  But everyone seems to be so busy in their own self as if they all belong to different planets. There is no connection. Humanism and humanity seem to have lost their reach. There is nothing around that is joyful or lively.

Everyone in the metro has only one companion. A companion that is lifeless. A device that is there in their hand or in their pocket either to talk to someone, to watch a movie or video, or to listen to music, or play games. Each individual has only one connection. A connection with his or her smartphone is all that matters. A smartphone, a headphone or a Bluetooth earphone, is the only thing that is there.

Youthfulness has lost its analogous relationship to joy. Nobody likes to talk to each other, discuss the burning issues of the society, and talk about studies or career. It is as if the life begins and ends only with a smartphone. Everything has become so mechanical and stereotyped.

Youth occupying the seats reserved for ladies and elders are so short of vision that they dare to ignore a lady standing just in front of them holding a kid in her arms. They act as if they are ignorant to feel and sense the need of the hour and offer them the seat that is meant for them.

Even an elder person has to remind a youth to vacate the seat that is meant for him or her while the youth sitting on that seat is either wavering along to musical beats with eyes closed and earplugs stuffed in the ears or engrossed in watching a movie.

Has a smartphone given us the privilege to ignore such things? Do we have really lost our senses and become heartless? Where have the values of empathy and compassion disappeared? In which mind-maze has etiquette lost its way?

Even in the college everyone has become so self-centered that nobody cares to help each other. Even if someone asks for some small help like any information regarding a lecture, or sharing of notes, the other person becomes to ignorant and careless to intentionally ignore or refuse. The pain and emotions have lost their meaning.

It is some hidden fear that is forcing everyone to behave like this. There is no culture of bonding and real friendship that is left anywhere. Are we craving just for minute and momentary pleasures? Have we really lost the meaning of joy and happiness in our lives? I really wonder.

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