Saturday, January 24, 2015


I am your regular college going student.

Add to it the fact that I spend a good three hours in commuting to college from home and back home, from college.

Also add to it, the fact that I'm pursuing my graduation in a technical field.

For, this requires me to carry my laptop, or any such equivalent device, with me, on the go, very often.

If the travelling time wasn't a good enough constraint, the laptop's weight adds to my inability to carry it around for prolonged periods of time, like a nine to five day at college.


I was amazed to see that ASUS has come out with two new devices, one of which suits my needs perfectly and drives away my constraints, too!

The EeeBook X205TA is a student's pride, if I may say so.

It is a boon...

In terms of its weight, its design, its bundled software, its life, or its speed.

This device scores high on all aspects.

First things first.

It is as light as a feather and weighs less than a kilogram!

Now, I would not have any qualms about carrying it to college, and hurting my shoulders.

I would not feel burdened by my laptop's weight if I switch over to the EeeBook.


Second, it is powered by Intel.

Enough said.

A hands down winner, it is! :)


Its battery life is just excellent.

Apart from the fact that this feature enables me to code AND blog all day long, it also has a thirteen hour standby for playing music, which means that I can relax myself after a long day of tiring activities. That too, by the time I reach home, or even beyond that!

Another important feature is that it comes bundled with Microsoft Office 365, for an entire year!

That means, all my assignments and presentations are being taken care of, for two LONG semesters!

What more could I possibly ask for?



There is another factor to keep in mind.

It is the most important one, at that!

The Price! :D

After all, I'm not paying for my laptop myself.

Am I?


No, I am not.

My parents are.


It is my prerogative to consider that my selection must be the most economical one too.

The X205TA does not disappoint, when they say that it comes adorned with a price tag of Rs. 14,999!


It is a win-win situation for me.

It is a win-win situation for my parents.

It is a win-win situation for ASUS, with the kind of product, that they have launched.


The other device from under ASUS's flagship is the All In One PC ET2040.

It is a family's device.

It is a work and home integrating device.

With its Intel powered processor, unmatched responsiveness and the gesture control innovation, it would be a great addition to our devices at home!

I must say, I'm really impressed by ASUS India, and their limitless innovations in the field of technology.

First, the Zen Phone, then the T100, and now, these two devices, set to burn the market!

P.S. : The images have been taken from the X205TA product page, on Flipkart.

This post has been written as a part of Indi Happy Hours' #GoSleek in association with ASUS India and IndiBlogger. Linking it with their two, most stylish and powerful products - ASUS EeeBook X205TA and ASUS All In One PC ET2040

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