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Short Story: #CupidGames, With Love!

This is the story of Ritu, Sumit, and Akshat.

Three undergraduates, pursuing their graduation in Arts, from St. Stephen's, New Delhi.


Ritu and Akshat were school friends turned college batch-mates.

And, Sumit was another batch-mate. He was the most energetic, lively and joyful person of their batch.


Ritu was a simpleton. Akshat was studious, and Sumit was the carefree soul.

Somehow, Ritu felt  herself drawing close to Sumit's liveliness and his mannerisms.

His courteousness, and chivalry used to attract the romantic within Ritu.


Sumit's affability and amicable nature made her feel that the sparks were taking flight from either side.

She had set her mind on it.

She had started visualizing Sumit as her Prince Charming.

And, Valentine's was to arrive in a week's time.


This coincidence strengthened Ritu's belief.

For the Couples' Night on Cupid's Day, her intuition was hinting towards a memorable evening.


When V-Day did arrive, Ritu was left dismayed, in reality.

Sumit had indeed proposed to a girl of his liking for the Night.

But, that girl, of Sumit's liking was NOT Ritu.


Ritu was heart-broken and left for home.

She felt she had been misunderstood by Sumit.

She did not attend college for  the entire next week.


Akshat had been a silent observer all through.

He suspected something fishy.

Since Akshat and Ritu were neighbors, he decided to pay her a visit.

He went to visit her, with all his notes from the bygone week's classes.


Turns out, Ritu had sunk into depression, and had fallen ill!

Her mother too, was worried.

More so, because Ritu refused to express a reason for such a pitiable state, she had made herself suffer through.

Akshat was Ritu's best friend.

He tried to talk her into becoming her normal self once again.

He tried to divert her mind from that episode by telling her all about what had happened in college for the time that she had been absent.

He also helped her cover up the lag in academics, which had been caused owing to her absence.


Ritu resumed college within a couple of days.

Although, she wasn't able to completely erase Sumit's episode and his misunderstanding, Ritu still made an effort to distance herself from Sumit and that saddening incident.


She tried reviving her old self, by concentrating on her studies.

She didn't realize it, but since Akshat was the most diligent student in their batch, more often than not, Ritu used to discuss academics with  Akshat.

They'd started spending time over long study sessions as exams neared.

Akshat had started developing a liking for Ritu...


In no time, Valentine's 2015 arrived.

Akshat had decided to express his feelings for Ritu, this time.

But, Ritu had decided to stay away from college.

For the Couples' Night would arouse the shattered Ritu, from within.


2015 was meant to be their last academic year, after which Akshat, Ritu, and all the other batch-mates would be awarded with their degrees.

Akshat did not want to let go of this last opportunity at any cost.

For, it could be the last time that he and Ritu were together.

For, they never knew where destiny was going to take them after this phase in life.


He knew that Ritu was not going to come for the Couples' Night at any cost.

So, Akshat decided to take Ritu to her favorite restaurant on the pretext of having to meet some common school friends.


There, he had ordered for a private setting, with a heart shaped cake, and some red roses, beforehand.

He led her to that special setting.

Ritu stood stunned!

He was afraid of proposing Ritu, at first.

But, then...

Akshat gathered himself together and finally presented the big statement to her...

I Love You...

....He said.

And, when he was least expecting it...

Ritu said Yes. :)


Somewhere in the corner of her mind, and at the blind spot of her eye, Ritu too had realized that Akshat was meant to be her True Love, her Prince Charming! :)

The rest as they say, is History!


This post has been written as a part of Indi Happy Hours' #CupidGames in association with Close Up India and IndiBlogger.


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