Friday, January 23, 2015

Meet Mr. Universe - BOLT!

The latest from prestigious Indian Car Manufacturing Giant Tata Motors is The Bolt, launched yesterday. Tata Motors stormed the whole world with their most economical and beautiful car, The Nano a few years back. Since then Tata Motors has become a worldwide phenomenon, a case study for international B-Schools and a role model for producing highest quality and technology indigenous products. Nano in fact revolutionized the whole concept of manufacturing of cars across the globe.


Don’t underestimate Tata Motors assuming that with Nano it manufactures only the most economical cars. It has equally proved its mettle in middle and higher segment, with The Vista and The Zest in the past.


The newest revolution, Tata Bolt is a hatchback and is a direct threat to its peers from other manufacturers – Maruti Suzuki Swift and Hyundai i20 where the Bolt is far beyond comparison with the other two in terms of quality, features, look & feel; and superior technology.


Hatchback cars in India form the most wanted segment among youth, professionals and families. Its ex-Delhi price starts from Rs. 4.45 lacs for entry level Petrol variant, ranging up to Rs. 6.05 lacs for the highest model in the segment.
In Diesel variant, the entry level is for Rs. 5.5 lacs going up to Rs. 6.99 lacs for the highest model (both prices ex-Delhi).


The amazing point is that even the entry level model is richly featured that is missing in the corresponding car manufacturer’s top models in the same segment. Of course it is going to Thunder BOLT them all in 2015 and shall be surpassing all to grab the top spot in numbers.


The product speaks about the innovations delved in it in order to deliver the best value for money to the buyer. The engine comes with two variants – 1.3 liters in diesel model enriched with multi-jet technology and 1.2 liters petrol model enriched with world class design and technology of Revotron engine.

Revotron technology is Tata Motors' in-house developed technology, where the word itself is a mix of two words – Revolution and Tron (meaning Balance). Bolt is that way able to BOLT ahead of any global manufacturers turbo petrol car in the same segment.

This is proved to be the smoothest ever Petrol Hatchback produced in India and has been vetted by Narain Kartikayen, the brand ambassador of Tata Motors. Tata Zest's (the Sedan car from Tata Motors) engine is built on the same technology.

Various critic’s views also have been quite positive about Tata Bolt stating it as a great evolution offering a state of the art engine, optimally spacious and beautiful in looks.

Exterior Design:

Kudos to Tata designers for this excellent looking hatchback. It seems that a lot of thought provoking action has gone into it by producing this excellent design. You have a look at it from any angle and you are bound to be awed in admiration mode.

From the front, it is more or less similar to Tata Zest, which was a big hit after its launch. The design for the headlamps has probably been inspired their brand ambassador, giving it a sporty outlook.

Tata Bolt is tall and handsome, and is bound to bring in a lot of confidence to its owner. The ground clearance is ideally 165 meters, to bring in an element of safety and sturdiness from bumpy and uneven roads in India. The rear is also imbibed with a good amount of style and is innovative.

Interior Design:

It gives a fresh look from the inside, that is amazingly spacious - bringing in all kind of comfort one would need for long journeys or tiring traffic jams. That way, the interiors feel no less than an inside of a luxury Sedan. Steering is fantastic for having a firm grip. The cabin is designed in a manner to provide optimum space. People with a good height will feel the same, as far as comfort goes, whether sitting in front or rear. Roof height is perfectly designed keeping all factors in mind.


The steering is not only beautiful and well designed to have a perfect grip, but is also built with a technology that comes in Audi - like cars where it can be adjusted up and down; and also in and out so as to adjust it accordingly for the corresponding height and body size thereby assuring comfort to anyone occupying the driver's seat.

Driver's Seat:

Another excellent feature is provided for the driver’s seat. It can be adjusted with upward and downward movement for adjustment for any height and making it a perfect driver's seat!


P.S. : That is me, with the beauty in Red... :)


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