Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A #MaxFreshMove And A Celebration...

May 25, 2015.

It was a different feeling altogether with the dreaded 'Monday Blues' for our entire family this time.
The reason being the declaration of the result of Class XII students, who had spent numerous sleepless nights, contemplating over their academic performance.

Wait. No, that stressed-out teen wasn't me. I have been through this phase already. This time, it was my first cousin's turn.
Coincidentally, it was his birthday too, that day.

She seemed to have been anxiously waiting for that bottle to finally stop spinning on the table. she chickened out on that day, on the mere thought of such important results clashing with her most important day of the year.

To me, this coincidence was not something new, as my JEE results had also been declared on the same day as my birthday. It was a day of mixed feelings this time around too.

However, since the results were announced during the first half of the day, the entire extended family woke up with traces of anxiety and inquisitiveness, as is the case with typical Indian relatives.

As it turns out, the anxiousness crossed all limits when CBSE's website refused to load owing to too much load on their server. After multiple futile attempts, my cousin and her parents decided to wait for another ten to fifteen minutes before resuming their quest to get the portal to load.

After an entire hour of the results being announced by the Board, were they actually able to access the portal and view her result. The entire family was filled with a sense of pride and a wave of congratulatory message from both, the relatives and the school teachers overwhelmed her.

We could not have been happier as my cousin herself, felt content with her results. She hoped that such a performance would establish her at the threshold of a course and college of her choice.

After the initial outburst of joy, all of us cousins planned for a family outing in the evening, as the day called for double celebration. We planned for a dinner outing, at one of our favorite restaurants of all time.

However, we were in for a bigger surprise in the form of the restaurant's owner celebrating their own wedding anniversary, where celebrities Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun had been called upon to make the guests groove to their tunes. It was a true star-studded evening.

Our family couldn't have been happier as the entire day had been full of pleasant coincidences and my cousin had a wide grin - from ear to ear - at the end of it all.


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