Tuesday, June 02, 2015

#NioxinNowInIndia Revamps My Hair

All pleasant experiences usually begin with e-mails.

Why do I say this?

Being a blogger, I see many event invites making their way to my mailbox, every month.

Given my academic schedules, I am able to attend some, but I have to, with a heavy heart, decline some too.

This event was meant to be attended anyhow, I feel. :)

I am writing about one such pleasant experience, which came to me in the form of an invite from BlogAdda and Nioxin India, as they planned to celebrate the launch of #NioxinNowInIndia.

It did not take long for me to respond in the affirmative and I was in for an afternoon full of information and an unexpected revamp.

I was greeted by Amy upon my arrival at the Wella Salon. I must say that she was conversant with her हिन्दी accent as she introduced us to Nioxin's ideology afterward.

We were a group of ten bloggers, all curious about Nioxin's revolutionary regime.

After an initial exploration of the venue's setup, and a welcome tweet from BlogAdda, we took our seats.

Look at the NIOXIN Setup, not to miss their key ingredients, Nioxin Cocktails placed in elegant glasses! :)

Nikhil from Affinity Salon begun with the presentation about Nioxin and their entire product range, which believed that 'Scalp Health Creates Hair Health.' 

Nioxin follows the Three Step Skincare Approach which consists of Derma Renew, Density Repair and Density Protect.

Their three-part system kits consist of a cleanser, a revitalizer, and scalp treatment.
And, their track record has been pretty impressive in the US.
Their statistics claimed a large group of satisfied male and female clients.

They had a categorization according to hair type, decided as per three factors and rated on a scale of 1-6.

Have a look at it for yourself and do tell me of your type. There are bespoke kits according to your hair type, to suit each one's individual needs the best.

Mine was 5, as I had normal to thin-looking, medium textured, and natural hair.

After the presentation, a question-hour was held, with Amy and Nikhil tackling our queries. 

We were told to brace ourselves to experience the magic of Nioxin, first-hand with a personalized consultation by one of the experts. 

I couldn't have been happier. We were lead to our respective salon stations, turn by turn. 

My scalp was examined by Gaurav, and shown to me, with a compliment that my strands were deep rooted, and an in-salon, exclusive dermabrasion consisting of botanical extracts such as peppermint oil and white tea extract was applied to my scalp, massaged, and allowed to set for ten minutes. 

I let my hair down for the dermabrasion regime! :) 

It left a lingering cool effect, coupled with a pleasant odor. 

After the timer went tick-tick on completion of the stipulated time, I was led to the head wash area, with the application and rinsing of the cleanser and revitalizer. 

And, that is me at the head wash station. 

While the pleasantness of mint made my hair smell great, I returned to my station for the application of the scalp treatment spray, and the blow drying procedure.  

At the end of the regime, I was gifted with smooth and shiny strands, thanks to the magic weaved by Nioxin! :) 

That's me before the regime, with slight waviness, as I always plait my hair, owing to their length. 

That's me after Nioxin's magic, with silky, straight, Rapunzel hair! :) 

I bid adieu with a smile on my face, while raising a toast to Nioxin's product range! 

I have also blogged about my experience for a period of 20 days, with Nioxin, here

You can try and experience #NioxinNowInIndia at your nearest salon. This activity is in association with BlogAdda.com

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