Friday, December 18, 2015

#KnowYourRights And Raise Your Voice!

If God treats a man and a woman as equal, then what right does anybody on this earth have to treat a woman as being lesser than a man? Who is at fault for creating this difference? Why is our society male dominant? Why a woman is forced to bear being labelled as wrong even if she is right? And why a man is by default right, even if most of the times he is wrong? Why is education said to be more important for boys? Why are a boy and a girl not seen equally and given equal chances to grow in a family, in a society and in a nation? This chaotic scenario is no different in other countries. Everywhere, it is the same.

It is the high time for a woman to stand tall, stay confident and know her rights. It is time for every girl and woman to fight against sexual violence.  It is high time for a family, for a society, for a country and for the whole world to give support and confidence to the women of the world. Pick up the newspaper rendered in any language, being circulated in any country; you are bound to read about a number of stories revolving around sexual abuse. The number of cases related to sexual abuse, sexual harassment or sexual violence is at a rise everywhere. It is not always a stranger who commits this heinous act against a girl child or a woman. Most of the times it is a known individual indulging in such heinous crimes. The worst part is that the number of reported cases is far less than the actual. In India, hardly 1% of the sexual violence cases come into light.

Look at a recent case where a juvenile rapist is being released by the high court. Not only is this alarming but he also being given a substantial amount of money and a sewing machine to start his career, is unpardonable! And all this is happening in the middle of public upheaval with the Prime Minister, other ministers of the country, and other eminent personalities and celebrities voicing their disdain. Probably it is a cluster of loopholes in our books of law that allow all this trespassing right under the nose of judiciary. It also points out at the level of education that if not imparted at the right time, can cause havoc at a later stage in life.

Be it on either side of the gender, a proper education, knowledge and learning is important in the society. A boy is to be taught to be respectful towards a girl. He must learn to be a positive agent in the society rather than nurturing negativity in his persona and becoming a callous and unmindful individual.


I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s #KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.

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