Friday, December 18, 2015

The Monster Lies Within!

When will the day come when we will be able to completely eradicate the heinous abuse of sexual violence? The whole world is the victim and the whole world is the culprit. Male dominance might be considered to be one of the major reasons that the whole world has always turned a blind eye to the rights of women. If a woman becomes aware of her rights at the right time in her life, probably she can elevate her stature to a better height in terms of career, education and financial standing, which are considered pivotal to patriarchal mindset.

Probably the problem is within the house instead of elsewhere. The level of confidence that comes from within the house for a girl child, right from the time of her entry in the house, is the point of concern. Within a family itself we observe a big difference in the way a boy is treated from a girl. The kind of astounding attention a boy child gets in the house is demotivating enough for a girl child to feel herself as being sidelined. Leave alone the equal amount of privileges, a girl child is neglected to an extent to not equip with proper education and knowledge. And under these circumstances how do you expect her to feel equal, substantial and empowered enough to raise her voice against any kind of wrongdoing against her?

The society, nation and world come later. First and prime roles to build a strong woman begin within a family. Home is the place where it has to begin, at the right time in life. But a supportive family alone will not suffice the purpose. What if the society is obsessed with male dominance and suppresses anyone raising an alarm against sexual violence whereas at home it is taught not to accept it at any cost? Hence, the society and nation need to be aligned well with this thought process if there has to be change brought to the fore.

A woman has all the rights to raise an alarm against sexual violence or abuse. She has all the rights to see the culprit getting caught and being punished by the law. She has all the rights not to feel ashamed and suffer throughout her life just at no fault of hers. If someone else is at fault, it needs to be seen through appropriately. A strong message has to go the society that nothing of this sort is further going to be acceptable at any cost. Probably, that way, we can at least soon dream to have a fearless world with no cases of sexual abuse, harassment or violence.


I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s #KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.

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