Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sharing & Caring Is The Key To #ResponsibleTourism

There are a few guidelines that everyone must follow while travelling. The destination needs to be understood from the core of your heart so as to know the place and its customs well. Act and stay at the destination of your choice as per the local requirements of the place, ecosystem and nature rather than being a stubborn person living in your own world and doing as your own will. This stubbornness might become a fatal factor for the place where you are visiting or staying for a while.

Respect local people as you would like to be respected at your place. Remember that you are at someone else’s home for that matter. You need to learn the rules of the house where you are going to stay rather than taking your own set of rules. Flexibility is the key to sustenance. Adaptability to the core of your actions is what you need to understand. The culture and traditions might be different at your place of a visit, or travel. Try to be one of them when you are there rather than screaming your own songs.

Nature preservation is everyone’s responsibility and everyone understands what need to be done for this. There are two sets of people in this regard – Those who understand but don’t act; and those who keep their doors open to understanding fast and act accordingly. Natural environments need to be preserved and loved as we do at our home.  Natural, cultural and legal adaptability is important about a new place you are visiting. Learn the dependency factors that are the earning and feeding factors for the local communities. Try not to play with those dependency factors. Rather help them in preserving those factors that build their life.

Buy from local markets and use the local transport system rather than bulking your food to a tourist place and taking your big cars there. Enjoy life there in their way rather than taking your own means of enjoyment that could be altogether different from theirs. Stay healthy and spread health around. Don’t indulge yourself into unhealthy practices. Some small actions spread big messages. Probably seeing your good actions at a tourist place might become a lesson for many. Such small things can make big changes in the life of others. Think carefully about each activity of yours at a tourist place.

The local people at a tourist place thrive on tourists. They depend on tourists for earning their bread and butter. Be respectful to a place and the people living there. Try to add something extra in their life every time you visit there rather than taking away something from them.


I am blogging for #ResponsibleTourism activity by Outlook Traveller in association with BlogAdda.

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