Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Midas Gold Mornings!

Good Morning, folks! 
That's the first phrase most of us utter every morning, don't we? 
As a kid, I remember myself taking 'Gold' for 'Good', when I had first learnt the phrase from my elders. 

Perhaps, this 'Gold' was not just about the Sun's golden rays lending a shiny appearance to our veranda's marble flooring. It was more about me hopping around the open space, admiring the various hues of the potted plants, observing the now nowhere-to-be-seen sparrows and crawling along with slimy snails who had made the plant soil, their homes. 

I guess there was an inexplicable charm about being so curious about Mother Nature and her many manifestations all around me as a child, which are now gradually being engulfed by the monster made of concrete. Besides, my mantra for 'Good' to 'Gold' was realized by being one of Nature's comrades, without doubt. 

I now see those sun rays struggling to make their way through the towering heights of apartments, with the hues of blooms duller than before owing to pollution. There's another type of 'Gold' I observe in abundance now. It's not hard to guess which one. 

Besides, I have observed a shift in my concept of a 'Good Morning' being 'Gold Morning' by observing some 'Gold Rules to Gold Mornings'. They are as simple as resolving to waking up early in the morning and not being a sleepy head, brushing my teeth twice a day with my Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush - after all there's no competition whatsoever to #Colgate360GoldMornings, and after that going for a jog in the community park. 

Thankfully, we have preserved the green cover in our locality. As for breakfast, a hearty toast and a glass of milk are able to usher into me, the vitality needed to witness the day's events. 

This mantra keeps me hale and hearty and has managed to transform my 'Good Mornings' to 'Gold Mornings'. :)


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