Sunday, July 21, 2013

An Ode To The Erstwhile 90s' Cartoons!

To all those who come to read this post :-
This post has been re - blogged from here with StirYourSouls' permission and I am the 'Daughter' who had composed this write - up in the first place...
90's Kids Jump With Joy At The Mention Of 'Cartoon'
It Reminds Us All Of Our Fave But Long Lost 'Network - Cartoon'
Anticipating Good Times At Tea Time - 4.30 - 6 - Overtaken By 'Cartoon'
Kids Finishing Their HWs To Avoid Disturbance - All For 'Cartoon'

'Metro Goldwyn Mayor's Lion' Spelling Tom And Jerry
Jerry's Wit Beating Tom's Schemes
Learning A Piano's Mechanism
Came With Laughter Through Innocence's Prism

Came at 5.30 - Dexter's Laboratory
Brainchild Of Gendy Tartakovsky
Dee-Dee Spelling Havoc
And Dexter Trapped With Mandark

Who Can Forget 'Girls Powerpuff'?
Chemical X's (Craig McCracken's) Brainchild
The Harbinger Of Girl Power
Rescuing Townsville's Naive Townfolk From The Likes Of Mojo Jojo, RowdyRuff 'n' Fuzzy Lumpkins

Let's Recall Disney Too...
Mickey And Minnie Rule!
Pluto, Donald, Daisy, Goofy Also Tag Along...
All For Walt Disney's Brainchild!

Oh! Where Oh! Where Did You Go?
Old But Golden 'Cartoons'!
All We See Now - A - Days Are Politicians...
Making Out Of Our Nation - A 'Mega' Cartoon!

© Stir Your Souls & Myriad Intellections...

There Were Bugs Bunny, Road Runner...
Sylvester, Tweety 'n' Daffy Too...
RIP Cartoon Network 1992 - 2002...
'That's All Folks!
  :b :b :b :b 

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