Monday, July 08, 2013

Music - The Voice Of The Soul


      Music is to the soul what food is to appetite. It awakens and rejuvenates the mind and provides a channel for emotions through the heart. Music also serves as a window to the mind and can express most articulately even what the tongue fails to.

      Whatever the occasion or situation, some or the other music piece is tailor - made to cater to it. 

      A person's liking towards a certain music piece can also at times reveal his frame of mind and at times, his/her personality at large.

      As far as pursuing music as an art is concerned, it is all a matter of interest. A sincere voice from the heart and a passion to excel does it all. It is not that any layman can perfect this art from Day One itself. 

     'Practice Makes Perfect' holds here even and it is with great self - discipline and perseverance that one can expect to polish his musical skills.

    On a lighter note, or does that remind me -- The Seven Notes Of Music!

Do, A deer, a female deer
Re, A drop of golden sun
Mi, A name I call myself
Fa, A long long way to run
So, A needle pulling thread
La, A note to follow So
Te, A drink with jam and bread
That will bring us back to Do Oh... 

That brings me to my rendition...

Do, Doing It Appeals To The Soul
Re, Refreshing & Rejuvenating Melodies You May Find
Mi, Mixing The Right Tunes To Initiate 'Music To The Ears'
Fa, Fascinate Your Listeners And Everyone Around
So, Sonorous & Symphonic It May Sound
La, La La... So Lively It Be, May Everyone Hum Along
Te, As Tranquil As It May Be 
That will bring us back to Do Oh...

Musical NotesMusical NotesMusical NotesMusical NotesMusical NotesMusical NotesMusical Notes 


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