Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Transitions Mark The Essence Of Life

        Our whole life revolves around transitions and changes of phase. Be it in terms of age or experience or 'how much we've managed to get a taste of this bad, bad world', life is all about learning new lessons each day, incorporating them into our lives and growing as an individual.
      Rightly said by Isaac Asimov - 'Life is pleasant, Death is peaceful, it's the transition that's troublesome'.

       And it's through this troublesome transition that we've to make it strong. Life, Nature and Time are the three biggest teachers of experiences and principles. We do have to realize that every situation we are put in glorifies our personality by putting our thinking and our reactions to test. Good or bad - the outcome is dependent on one's own thought process but each such task life throws at us ought to teach us something - aiding us in our future decisions.

       After all, it is only after we've been through something that we realize the need to sit down, take time and ponder over. We may not have realized at first, but every incident, happening or episode inked in one's Journal Called Life has a planned purpose to take us somewhere in future.

       Self introspection and the need for a direction to life are of utmost importance if one wants to carve out a niche for oneself in this competitive world of today's times.

Life spells out as Transitions
The gist of  futuristic visions
To facilitate us to set  our ambitions
It works wonders, despite our doubting intuitions

It is all a game of Fortune & Fate
No matter how hard we try to debate
All the episodes finally relate
Nature & Time have all their computations accurate



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