Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Nostalgic Memorabilia...

Daisy RainDaisy RainDaisy RainDaisy Rain

As I sit here looking at the raindrops on my windowsill
 Rain does along with itself bring a breezy chill
It does my heart with nostalgia fill
Reminding me of all adventurous thrill

All these memories do my heart warm
Against the contemporary norm
 My spirit wishes to escape the storm
As all episodes in front of my eyes swarm

The way these raindrops touch the face
And bring me to a familiar place
It makes me wonder how fast does time chase?
Not giving us its hold, to adjust in our own space

As I sit with putting on my thinking cap
Trying to recall, initiating a recap
Where will life lead me with a certain map?
Or with care, place my destiny in a wrap?


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