Sunday, March 22, 2015

Of Joys And Bliss...

Life, at its very beginning, heralds opportunities for learning.
For us as an individual, to know about how things happen, is a novelty altogether.
Seeing a new life, attempting to explore the infinitive, is what is bliss.
Seeing a toddler learn the ways of life, and the people around him, with tiny fingers and toes, is pure joy.

In today's fast-paced life, all of us, have forgotten to listen to our heart.
The day always begins and ends with an array of numerous schedules, plans and executions.
In that pace of life, with every movement we procure nothing but stress.
Gradually we keep advancing towards a point where life becomes a mess.
It is in the monotonic motion and routine affairs, that we have neglected the beauty of life.

For years I have liked to talk to the plants nestled in my balcony.
I share my life's incidents on a day-to-day basis with them.
We chat for hours, while I water them every evening, like some long-lost friends.
I ask each one of them how each one grew.
How many leaves did each one sprout?
I observe each plant's smile and that brings a smile to my face too.

I love reading. Reading books is my life.
A day sans reading, is wasted - unworthy, unfruitful and sad.
Books are my inspiration. Books relieve me from stress.
Books gift me something or the other, everyday.
In some form or the other - all knowledge and wisdom.
Books have been my best companion since years.
Books will stay for eternity.
For it is these books, which bestow upon an individual, the gift of unmatched wisdom.

Cycling is the next activity which speaks of enjoyment and fun.
After returning from college, it is a routine, for me to take my bicycle.
To go for a long ride.
Talking to oneself, talking to nature.
Talking to the silence hidden within.
A couple of hours spent while cycling, are more magical.
In those moments, I step into an unusual mood, ignorant of all the stress.
Of some low-key events which marked the day.
To acquire a certain freshness, is the prime objective.
Then, the next day starts afresh.

Star-gazing and marveling at the boundless night sky.
An activity which connects me, to a world unknown.
It bestows upon me a unique zeal.
A refreshing momentum is gained.
A new-found energy is procured.
All of it for myself, to add to my treasure of happiness, joy and bliss.

That's how, when the day draws to a close, I recall all the good and take note of all the bad.
That's how I make sure that each page in the diary adds a new leaf to the tree of life.
That's how I express my gratitude to God.
That's how I believe #IAmHappy. :)


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