Tuesday, March 10, 2015

When You Are Told To #StartANewLife...

This is the story of a girl, who was on the threshold of turning a teen. She was in the eighth grade when they were told to fill in their choices.

It is strange how life presents you with choices, at one or the other point. She had been presented with many choices too. So much so that she had lost count of the alternatives she had been offered so far!

This time, however, it was a crucial one. A choice which would stay with her for the next four years of her schooling. A choice which would shape her career. A choice which would pave way for better paths to travel on. A choice which would shape her destiny.

It was the test of time which she had to face. It was the test of her skills and abilities, her field of interest. It was the dreaded choice.

She had to choose her 'Stream' to pursue thereafter. It was the choice which would mold the way people saw her. It was crucial because she was to choose whether she would go for Humanities, Commerce or Science.

She merrily opted for Science as she had an aptitude for it. Or so she believed.
She was faring very well in the subjects of her choice.

All was well. Or so she believed.

The day was not far.
The day when all hell broke loose.

It was one of her batch mates at the coaching center.
He had dared to attack her with acid.

The reason?
She was the topper of her batch and was being targeted for scoring well enough to garner the praise of her teachers, friends and well-wishers.

The day when she was attacked was the day when she was a week away from appearing for her Board Examination.

However, she and her family didn't lose courage. All of them were hopeful that she would be able to battle this physical, mental and emotional discomfort, and would not let that traumatic accident affect her.

She went ahead to #StartANewLife by boldly filing an FIR against that batch mate of hers, against all threats.
Devoid of any hesitation, any anguish.
Full of courage and confidence.

The police officers took care of the rest.
The way this accident changed her life, though, was yet to be revealed.

In spite of knowing that she had been disfigured, she ignored the fact that people's outlook towards her had been transformed completely.

All she knew was that her Examinations were knocking on the door, and she had to face them and endure through them with complete focus, confidence, and concentration.

That was the time when her family's support formed her pillars of strength.
That was the time  when she emerged victorious.

Not only was she declared her School's topper, but also she regained the optimism and vigor to lead life on her own, which she had lost previously, owing to the accident.

She was also successfully treated abroad, after her examinations, which further changed her life for the good.

Her achievements inspired thousands like her, when she was offered a bravery award by the Indian Government.


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