Thursday, March 05, 2015

Of The Optimistic Outlook...

She has filled my life with wonders. Right from the day I stepped into her life, she is not only my Mother, but also my best friend. She has been my mentor, my guide, my coach and my trainer for life. Each of the lessons taught by her are brimming of practicality. For every new avenue that we are to cross, she prefers that I cross it on my own, even if it is the first time so that whatever possible mistake can be made, is made indeed. This way she nullifies the prospect of any mistake from my end for the same task when I face it the next time. Also, gradually I have learned that this activity zeroes in on a psychological fear from your mind and heart. You must gather the courage and the confidence to take up new avenues, head to head.

I remember my first day at playschool. Before dropping me at the school, she made sure that she requested my teacher to take care, during lunchtime that I don’t skip mine. She knew that it would be difficult for me to have my lunch without her by my side, but she was able to make me understand well how important it was to have your meals in time. She correlated it nicely with a car which can’t run without petrol. The human body also needs nourished food to work, think and play. She told me how important it was to play, balancing it with academia and with the extracurricular activities.  It is with her guidance that I have been able to excel not only in academics, but also in sports, debates, quizzes, and other myriad competitions. Gradually, during my early education days, she used to narrate exemplarily, Indian mythological stories to fill me with inspiration and motivation. She also used to tell me about the great history of our country and our ancient heritage.

She ensured that I visit and garner knowledge about all the important historical places across the nation. For accomplishing this task, we decided to go for a vacation every six months right since my childhood, and every time we would visit a new location so that I was able to learn more about that location and its culture. We all know how diverse Indian culture is, and that is why it becomes more important to learn about each and every state of my country.  She has put in her best efforts to provide best opportunities to me. Under her excellent guidance, I have been able to become a multifaceted girl. I am sure, what she has done for me no one else would have been able to do.

She has been the biggest contributor to my momentum, knowledge, learning and wisdom. I dedicate to her, each of my achievements as she is the biggest, the strongest and the sturdiest building block in my life. She is my ray of hope and optimism for life and beyond.

The most recent moment of seeing the glass as half full, was when I had to appear for my entrance examination after my Board Examination. It was the time when I needed her guidance the most, and she was there to accompany me through all the ups and downs, to ultimately excel in what I had set out to pursue! :)


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