Saturday, March 14, 2015

We Are #Together...

Recall the story of  the doves. 
The flock which stood against the hunter. 

The ideology being iterated. 
Unity Is Strength - in unison. 

Similar is the bonding. 
Be it friends or family. 

Staying #together works magic.  
Through times of joy and sorrow. 

It is the prospect of the morrow. 
It brightens the present and the future.  


There is a certain hope in the word, Together. It lends a certain optimism to its utterance. It is in being together that we are able to defeat the insurmountable face of anxiety, anguish, despair and hopelessness.

Realizing that I have my friends and family, as a constant support by my side is the most overwhelming feeling in the whole world.

Together with my family, I feel that each of our difficulties is reduced to insignificant grains of sand.
The moments which we spend #together, as a family, and as a singular unit, are precious.

Those moments find a place in my scrapbook of events, to remind me unfailingly that we could achieve even the impossible, if we are #together.


I have also realized that sharing is what makes being together all the more worthwhile. 
As a family, we stand rock strong, with each of us supporting the other, whenever the time comes. 

Share the joys, to multiply and enhance the celebratory mood. 
Share the sorrows, to divide and bear the misery.

Share the ideologies of the future, to add to the planned approach. 
Share the mistakes of the past, to minus them from your attempts as you improve. 


With a familial support by your side, you'll soon realize that all the celebrations last longer, the misery is much like 'gone with the wind', the plans for the future turn out stronger, and all the mistakes are no where to be seen, as you gradually improve. :) 

The same goes for friends as well. With these two pillars of strength by your side, you're sure to win any obstacle race in life. 


However, there are times in life when the desolation may weigh heavy enough to seemingly crush your optimism and hope. 

It is at such times that the companionship and wisdom of a loved one works wonders. To know that an experienced elder is there to guide you through tough times is most reassuring. 


For me, at such times, my family, especially my parents serve as the perfect pillars of support. 
They are the ones to have shown me the right path, with their anecdotes of experience, every single time. 

At other times, my friends offer a varied outlook towards a particular situation with their varied perspectives and opinions towards the same incident. 

For all other such moments, my pet dog serves as the perfect comrade, who reminds me to look at the brighter side of life, for a while. 


I am thankful to God for all such people, situations and memories in my life, which never fail to provide me with invaluable experiences towards life and its many ways. 


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